“I have worked with many healers over the years with minimal results and sessions with Michelle Mayur have repeatedly helped me to release deep emotional blocks to raise my vibrations, open my heart, and enhance my own healing gifts. She is one of the most loving, intuitive, gifted and powerful channels for healing I have ever experienced. For anyone who is struggling with mental, emotional, health, spiritual issues or who wants to heighten their own healing abilities, Michelle is an invaluable resource to help you live your best life. She is the real deal!” ~ Rev. Lorraine Cohen, soul guide, life strategist, healer and speaker, Philadelphia, USA

“I have been working with Michelle for over one year. Each session has the quality of an amazing journey. During this time I have felt my intuitive gifts expand, and blockages to my creative process disappear. I am now writing the book that I had put off for many years. Each session is unique and geared to what I seem to need at that moment.She has a way to assist me in getting out of my own way, and accessing even higher levels of my own gifts. At the end of each session I feel calm and connected, and consistently say to myself, “I want more of that”. I highly recommend Michelle and can personally attest to her intuitive gifts.” Gayle C., Portland, Oregon, USA

“Michelle recently helped to heal my shattered heart, and I feel such an incredible difference in my energy from having my heart become whole again.” Heather L of Ashburn, USA

“Through Michelle’s healing I was able to gain clarity and strength to overcome the blocks I had created and which had stopped me from achieving my goals. I believe that ultimately the power to change is within us, but I also believe that in time of stress, trauma or despair we need a helping hand to regain that power. For me Michelle was that helping hand. With her assistance I moved from being stuck to achieving my goals.” Dr Vivienne D., Melbourne

“Michelle is a complete Godsend. She has an exceptionally warm and understanding heart, profound healing skills, a powerful connection with the Divine and true integritiy. I have benefited greatly through her energy scan and private sessions and recommend them to anyone longing to be more in tune with themselves, have their heart healed and/or find their true path in life. Michelle can help you with that and much more and she does it in such a caring yet effective way. Her clearing of blockages is phenomenal!”. Love and thanks from Susan A. in Denmark

“It’s really a fantastic feeling, I don’t remember the last time I felt a pure joy, not driven by something or someone simply joy from my heart. That was actually what I asked the angels for, happiness/joy. All I can really say is that you have helped me tremendously, I’m so grateful to you.” Lorella A., Canada, re her Skype consultations

I just want to give a HUGE Thank you to Michelle for these beautiful (Radiance Circle) calls that I have been privileged to be a part of. I did not realise what a huge impact they would have on my spiritual/energetic growth. I have felt much stronger, calmer and centred into my soul with the healing and work that has been done and will always feel so very grateful to you Michelle. Julia, Melbourne
Wanted to say thank you for your energy and guidance and for your beautiful spirit! Lily, Florida, USA

“Michelle is a marvel and a true spiritual healer, in every sense of the word.  For more than a year, I have been visiting Michelle for a monthly ‘tune-up’.  Having been to many practitioners in the past (traditional, esoteric and medical) I know I have truly found a gem in Michelle.  I have never felt so in tune with myself, so centred, grounded and so in love.  Thank you Michelle for helping me find my true self, for keeping me on my divine path.  I am a changed woman, thanks to you.  To all reading this, do what I did and put yourself in Michelle’s safe hands – your soul will thank you for it.” Meg H., Melbourne

 “I’m so glad we met. You have had a huge impact on me. Thank you so much. I’m in such a comfortable place now having expanded my consciousness to an amazing new level. I have been experimenting with lucid dreaming and astro traveling and I’m continually blown away the possibilities that this awesome existence presents every day.” Bill V., Kalgoorlie, Western Australia

“Oh my gosh… sooo many thanks for the meditation (Reclaiming Your Inner Power) … when you were talking about the Dad… I had every one of those… also with my Mom seeming to be cold and distant… and then the teachers and employers… many, many thanks!!!” Lori B. Phoenix USA

“You’re my Guardian Angel” Laura T., Chadstone, VIC

“Suffice it to say, the changes brought about through Michelle’s channeling techniques have been profound. It is honestly through her caring, professional and patient approach to her work that I am able to move on in my life, embrace it and look forward to a happy and healthy future. With perseverance and some lateral thinking she uncovered and efficiently handled the many complex and mystifying aspects that constituted my own unique challenges. So Michelle, myself and my family give you our heartfelt “thanks”.” Jenny K., Nunawading, VIC

“I wanted to let you know that without you I would not be in the place I am now emotionally. My husband and I are the happiest we have ever been, we just celebrated our 10th anniversary and since seeing you have had another child (another issue I had to deal with). I just wanted to say thank you.” Danette W, country NSW

“Thank you, Michelle, once again you have given me exactly what I needed. I’ve found love and kindness to the self works far better miracles than kicking one’s butt.” Cheryl P. Altona, VIC

“I’m feeling far more accepting and at peace about things that have frustrated me for years. You have a unique and special gift. You are a gentle and generous soul. Thank you SO much – you ARE an angel!” Jay R. northern NSW

“Dear Michelle, You are amazing! The most extraordinary change exists within both of us. Thank you most sincerely.” Helen R, Niddrie, VIC (re absent healing for herself and her husband)

“Thank you so much for the healing. I am feeling so much better you wouldn’t believe the difference!!!!!! I feel like a new person.” Georgina T., Vermont South, VIC

“(My mother) is feeling so much better, also with a feeling of wellbeing she has not had for years and is sleeping well without the aid of drugs. I feel like I’ve won the lottery. Be ready for lots more business from Sydney!!!!” Marilyn S., Sydney, NSW

“Thank you, you touched my life…” Susi D., Box Hill South, VIC

“I wanted to thank you and let you know that I had a wonderful time in Vanuatu recently snorkelling to my hearts content after you helped me recover from my fish phobia. I am amazed and delighted and can now move on with my life phobia free.” Kate M., Melbourne

“I wanted to thank you for spending the time on me as you did. You made me feel uplifted & open my mind & heart in positive way. All the very best & great blessings to you.”‘ Teresa P., Malvern East

“My session with you continues to reap great benefits. During the week I had a quantum leap in perception about ALL the things that had been incessantly invading my mind, and I feel lighter, freer and much more at peace generally.  I am also sleeping better – still waking through the night, but able to get back to sleep easily. So  a huge thank you for those enormous changes. ” Jay R., Northern NSW