General Questions

Q. Do you ever combine channelled energy work with hypnotherapy? A. Many of my clients find the most effective therapy for them combines channelled energy work to help ‘loosen’ the blocks initially and then deeper relaxation into a hypnotic trance to resolve issues at the subconscious level.

Q. Are you a member of any professional associations? A. Yes, I am a full member of the International Institute for Complementary Therapists.

Q. How often should I have a private consultation? A. This depends very much on the presenting issue, but as a rule of thumb I see most of my clients fortnightly. For acute physical problems, such as broken bones, I would recommend several channelled energy sessions on consecutive days to speed healing. Once the presenting issue has been cleared, a number of my clients like to visit me monthly for ‘maintenance’ sessions to keep themselves in the best emotional and spiritual health.

Q. How many treatment sessions will I need? A. I cannot answer this until I have discussed your issue with you. After your first treatment session you will almost certainly feel significant improvement and I will have a sense of how many more sessions you are likely to require. Most clients see me for about three sessions, but this is highly individual. Some clients only require one session.

Q. Can I choose what kind of therapy I want in my private consultation or do you decide for me? A. Although you are always free to specify exactly what healing type you want, usually my clients let me decide what I feel is most suitable for them at the time. I also work with a lot of intuitive and angelic guidance during a session to optimise the opportunity for the client to heal. I tend to use a very eclectic approach during a session, drawing on my comprehensive ‘toolbox’ of healing techniques.



Q.How does it feel to be hypnotised? A. The physical feeling of hypnosis is of deep comfort and relaxation, which has the benefit of stress reduction in addition to the other aims of the therapy. For the vast majority of people being in a hypnotic trance is a highly enjoyable experience.

Q. Will I go to sleep and not remember what is going on during a Hypnotherapy session? A. You are in a natural state of deep relaxation where you hear everything that is being said to you. If required to do so, you will be able to answer questions using the voice while under hypnosis. The subconscious mind becomes highly focused allowing access to information held at subconscious levels.

Q. Does the hypnotist have control over me? A. In Clinical Hypnotherapy the focus is on your problem and my role is to facilitate the process of guiding your subconscious mind in the direction it needs to go in order to resolve troublesome issues. I guide you, but I do not control you.

Q. What if you can’t hypnotise me? A. It is normal before being hypnotised for the first time to feel some anxiety about undertaking a new experience. I work with you to allay your initial fears and to dispel any myths or misconceptions about Hypnotherapy before guiding you progressively into a deeply relaxed state. Success with hypnosis has to do with your ability to listen and to follow directions. Most people can be hypnotised with some people more hypnotisable than others. About 10% are hypnotisable to extreme depths.

Q. Can I get stuck in hypnosis? A. As hypnosis is not sleep and you are aware of all that is going on, you are also the person who brings yourself out of hypnosis. There is no “getting stuck” in hypnosis. .


Spiritual Healing, Angel Healing, Reiki, Channelled Energy Work

Q. What does ‘channelling energy’ mean? A. Someone who channels energy can link into universal energy and allows this to flow through them into another person, who subconsciously draws the energy to where it is needed for healing. Put simply, ‘channelling energy’ is being the conduit between universal energy and the client.

Q. What does a Reiki or Spiritual Healing session feel like? A. Everyone’s experience is different and varies from session to session depending on what is being released, but generally everyone experiences a deep sense of peace and relaxation and a feeling of heat underneath the practitioner’s hands. Some clients are naturally more sensitive than others and may also experience beautiful parades of colour, recall of memories from the past and a sense of surges of energy flowing around the body as blocks are released.

Q. Are Reiki, Spiritual Healing and other forms of channelled energy work safe or can you accidentally do harm with them? A. Reiki and the like are all safe and non-invasive. A channelled energy worker always has the intention that the energy is to be used for the highest good of the person receiving it. Releasing energetic blocks can bring emotions and issues to the surface that need to be addressed. Even though this process may sometimes cause the client to feel a little emotional, it is essential to process and release these emotions in order for the client to move towards their highest potential.

Q. What, if anything, can I expect after my Reiki or Spiritual Healing session? A. Everyone’s experience is unique and will vary from session to session. After a first session it is not uncommon to feel tired for a few hours while the major energetic shifts continue to integrate. Most people will continue to feel much more peaceful for some time. The energetic shifts will continue rapidly for several days after a session and then this effect gradually stabilises over the next week or so. Vivid, lucid dreaming is common, while issues that have been released from the subconscious mind are being processed. There may also be several days of releasing and clearing on a physical level as well, maybe with mild gastric or respiratory symptoms