Soul Retrieval Therapy

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Soul Retrieval, with its roots in Shamanism, is a leading edge therapy that takes clients into a dimension beyond the realms of space and time where a deeply effective and lasting healing takes place.

.Have you ever felt ‘shattered’ after a traumatic event, or felt you were ‘never the same since…’ or when a romantic relationship broke up that ‘part of you went with him/her’? Are you a victim of sexual abuse? Soul Retrieval Therapy could be the answer.

Consider Soul Retrieval Therapy as a way of recovering these fragments of your soul that ‘flipped out’ at points of major emotional, physical or mental anguish. This therapy is highly recommended for victims of sexual abuse, as unlike traditional regression methods where the client may be reliving the trauma fully in the victim mode, it allows the person to come from a position of power, accompanied by their powerful Guide and Animal Spirit Helper. Expression of emotions associated with the circumstances that led to the fragmentation is encouraged before each ‘lost’ part comes home and re-establishes the client’s power as part of the resolution, reintegration and healing process. The client is then able to experience feeling truly whole again in order to move forward in his/her life.

Michelle has been trained in this modality by Costa Lambrias, one of the leading 10 UK hypnotherapists. Costa says: “Soul Retrieval is the most powerful therapy I know, and in a completely different league to my beloved inner child therapy. Most sessions are mind-blowing for both the client and the facilitator.”

A session takes from 2-3 hours  IN PERSON IN MELBOURNE and the major fragments that have flipped out will usually come up in the first session. Generally most of the client’s fragments will have been retrieved in 2 or 3 sessions, although one session alone achieves excellent results. Phone Michelle on 0421977193 for further details and pricing.




“Over the past four months I had been having some real problems at work and were really stressing me out and wreaking havoc with my life. In one of my sessions in May, Michelle suggested that we try the Soul Retrieval Therapy and I agreed. Michelle explained that the sessions where longer (than your average session) and included a guided mediation where I would meet a spirit guide and also an animal guide who would assist me in the soul retrieval, and yes the sessions where long (about 2 hours) and intense but AMAZING.

In my initial session I did retrieve a large part of my soul that had broken off and reintegrating it felt great. Though I felt amazing after that session it did bring up some residual anger and some sadness, but we worked through in the second session where we (with the help of my spirt and animal guide) reintegrated the two remaining parts. It has now been three weeks after my last session and I feel amazing and complete and the anger and sadness is no longer there and issues that used to bother me before no longer do. I highly recommend the Soul Retrieval Therapy sessions and to anyone considering doing the soul retrieval therapy sessions, please do it; it will  be one of the most amazing sessions that you will experince and having Michelle guide you through your sessions your in great hands.” Silvana, Clayton, VIC

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