Spiritual Healing

Angelically- Guided Spiritual Healing, Goddess Isis Healing of Love™, Reiki and Sekhem

“You’re my Guardian Angel” Laura T., Chadstone, VIC

Channelled energy from a higher source of unconditional love is used in various forms of hands-on healing work, such as angelically-guided Spiritual Healing, Isis Healing of Love, Reiki, and Sekhem, to completely re-balance, unblock and harmonize your physical, mental, spiritual and emotional bodies. This also draws more of the essential life force within you to activate your own innate healing resources.

As deeply held energetic blocks are released at these multiple levels there is the potential for:

  • improved health,
  • higher levels of energy and vitality,
  • reduced stress,
  • more joy and love of living,
  • heightened creativity,
  • improved relationships and
  • increased mental clarity and focus, to name but a few of the benefits.

As many of our physical problems have their roots in our emotions and thoughts, channelled energy work can also help you to resolve physical problems. It is beneficial for treating both acute and chronic pain and in speeding recovery time from injury and physical illness.

Usually channelled energy sessions are deeply relaxing and you may experience radiant colours or visions with your inner sight as issues are unblocked and released. Other common sensations are of warmth from Michelle’s hands, tingling energy shifts within the body and sometimes tummy gurgles as blocks are released. Michelle does not ‘force’ energy into you, but rather allows the natural flow of energy to wherever you need it. This process is like allowing a cup to fill up with energy before Michelle moves on to the next area of the body.

In 2012 she received the Goddess Isis Healing of Love(R) energy system as a powerful energetic download in Bali. This very high vibration work allows you to transcend and release issues rapidly. Experience opening your heart to Divine Love and to living with passion and purpose.

Michelle is also a Reiki master, and taught Reiki for many years. She receives much healing guidance from higher beings during sessions.

I wanted to let you know that without you I would not be in the place I am now emotionally. My husband and I are the happiest we have ever been, we just celebrated our 10th anniversary and since seeing you have had another child (another issue I had to deal with). I just wanted to say thankyou.Danette W, country NSW