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Michelle is passionate about working with Select Individuals, especially Healers, who are deeply committed to stepping fully into their power and becoming their best self.

Michelle’s focus is on releasing energetic blocks and limiting beliefs at the subconscious level and on giving her clients the tools for self-empowerment.

Her own journey of personal development over 20 years has seen her go from struggling healing practitioner, barely making a living, to now working with high profile clients globally, including royalty and multinational company CEOs.

During a healing session Michelle will tune into the guidance she receives from the higher realms, especially from the angels and the Goddess Isis, to ensure each session is an expression of Divine Love and for the client’s highest good. She has qualifications in many healing modalities, but now specializes in Spiritual Healing, Clinical Hypnotherapy and her own unique Goddess Isis Healing of Love™ energy channeling system. You may also like to experience the Goddess Isis Activation of the Healing Heart.

Most clients experience rapid and profound transformational shifts to a higher vibration in just one or two sessions.

“Michelle recently helped to heal my shattered heart, and I feel such an incredible difference in my energy from having my heart become whole again.  I know there were other areas of concern, and my intention is to allow myself the opportunity to heal so that I may share loving and healing energies with others.” Heather L of Ashburn, USA

“Michelle is a marvel and a true spiritual healer, in every sense of the word.  For more than a year, I have been visiting Michelle for a monthly ‘tune-up’.  Having been to many practitioners in the past (traditional, esoteric and medical) I know I have truly found a gem in Michelle.  I have never felt so in tune with myself, so centred, grounded and so in love.  Thank you Michelle for helping me find my true self, for keeping me on my divine path.  I am a changed woman, thanks to you.  To all reading this, do what I did and put yourself in Michelle’s safe hands – your soul will thank you for it.” Meg. H., Melbourne

“What I realized most profoundly as we were working together, responding both to cues from the Earth and guidance from the angelic realms, was that this is the work I am meant to do at this time. I felt a shift in consciousness that I believe was catalyzed by the Isis Activation and mid-wifed by you. It felt as though the session was able to raise us both up to our highest vibration possible in that moment so that we could step into our innate gifts and wisdom.” Gayle C of Oregon, USA

“It was a privilege to connect with you and the higher realms – nothing by chance… so many amazing confirmations, one after the other… spanning decades and more… what a gift you have… I look forward to witnessing it all continue to unfold… with deep joy and gratitude” Regina of Bermuda

“Thank You Michelle. You are an angel on Earth.” Jorg N., USA


Healing sessions can be in person, via Skype, via phone or even as an absent healing, so distance is no issue.

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