Flower Essences

Everything has its own unique energy vibration – each flower, each person, each rock, each tree and each place. Flower and vibrational essences are created by harnessing the healing energies of flowers, rocks, trees, leaves, seeds, places and other aspects of nature. They consist of an energy imprint or pattern that is stored in a liquid, much like an electrical charge is stored in a battery.

Flower and vibrational essences are gentle, yet powerful, tools used for shifting maladaptive emotional responses in the direction of more positive ones. Although apparently subtle and pleasant to take, these essences can have profound effects on the emotional body of the client, facilitating a shift from the negative of particular emotions, such as hate, anger, resentment, lack of confidence or fear, to a more positive emotional state. The essences also allow us to step back and view our emotions objectively, almost as an observer, thereby allowing us the potential to alter our attitudes and to deal with our life situations in more productive ways. These essences can serve as a catalyst for change, growth or healing or to help bring awareness to the underlying issues.

They are a useful part of any healing program or when emergency relief is required, such as the well-known Bach flower remedy, Rescue Remedy. Michelle uses mainly Bach flower remedies and FES (Californian Bush Flower) remedies. The essence combination prescribed for you is matched specifically to your issues and vibrational level.

Michelle has also co-created powerful vibrational essences around the world in power places in Egypt, Nauru, Tasmania and Melbourne.