Goddess Isis Healing Heart Activation

If you are really ready to let go of outmoded beliefs, patterns, anger, sadness and frustration, then this is for you. This is your opportunity for a quantum vibrational shift.

Transcend your old stories of limitation and separation and move into a more loving place of Oneness with yourself and others.

PrintThe Goddess Isis Activation of the Healing Heart is a Powerful Energy Transmission that: 

  • Is a deep heart chakra cleansing to release those most painful parts that have previously been shut off from access
  • Activates the pineal gland to awaken to increased psychic ability, healing gifts and/or move to a higher vibration
  • Activates communication and harmony between the chakras in a unique way
  • Restructures at the level of the DNA (Some clairvoyant people see the DNA double helix changing during their Isis Activation)
  • Activates and anchors the empowered Divine Feminine, both individually and into Mother Earth.
  • Uses Ancient Egyptian Energies and parts of ceremonies ‘remembered’ from ancient temples
  • Is experienced differently for every person with different deities according to that person’s belief set and/or need

This ‘new’ Goddess Isis Activation of the Healing Heart has been recently remembered by Michelle Mayur in deep meditation from her lifetimes as high priestesses in Ancient Egypt, her soul home. She uses the compassionate Divine Feminine energy of the Goddess Isis, Great Mother Goddess, (think also Mother Mary and Kwan Yin) to open and clear the heart energy center to deeper levels than anything else you are likely to have experienced before. It has been brought forth through Michelle at this time to bring the energy of Compassion of the Empowered Divine Feminine into the Earth plane.

Read what Darren of Essex, UK, wrote after his Isis Activation of the Healing Heart (which Michelle did as an absent healing):

“Saw myself and Higher Self surrounded by angels Felt energy around me Beam of light came down to my heart – sent energies Waves (hoops) of energy came down over my being (cleansing) Saw devas removing energies from my aura – taking them away Old issues /thoughts popped up (to be released) Energy pouring in Energy pouring into (inside) my body Angels wiped my brow – energy into my head (third eye)” If someone can experience the Isis Activation that powerfully from across the other side of the world, then distance is not a problem! Your Isis Activation of the Healing Heart can be in person, as an absent healing, by phone or via Skype – your choice. This is very powerful high vibration Lightwork. Oral feedback from people several weeks after their Goddess Isis Activation includes:

  • I feel my heart is far more open than it used to be
  • I am easily able to let go of things that used to be locked away and deeply painful for me
  • I feel myself in a totally different and wonderful space now
  • Life seems to be filled with synchronicities and flows much better than before
  • I’m no longer getting drawn into other people’s stuff

Written comments from people after receiving their Isis Activation: “(The Isis Activation) has been awesome, a whole new wave of powerful healing  heart energy just continues to flow to me and through me. I thank you so much for sharing your wonderful gift with me ” Sue McD., Mt Waverley

“Hi Michelle, remember at the start of the Isis Activation I said to you I had been waiting for a US book order from Barnes and Noble for 7,500 copies of my little book – well the Thursday after initiation I received notice that this looks to be going ahead and the cover, etc are in for approval now!” Janet P., Lower Templestowe “I am feeling very relaxed and I’ve been smiling a lot more since the session than I have the past few months. I do not feel a lot of pressure in my neck area any more. In fact I have been sneezing a lot, yawning quite a bit, had watery eyes & felt some pain in my lowe r back. I’m acknowledging whatever comes up to be part of the healing process. I feel very close & even more connected to my ‘healing goddess’. My heart area is feeling lighter & I feel like a butterfly that has just emerged from the cocoon.” A S, Singapore (via Skype) “Overall, the biggest ‘tangible’ shift has been from ‘addressing’ issues from one or another chakra/sub-entity to a sense of unity within myself, a unique and very pleasant sensation of ‘being one’…. I am more in tune…. I am experiencing a much calmer relationship with very old basic ‘issues’ from my past… I have had so many people getting back in touch, a wonderful light, but warm and intense vibe from and with people/ it’s fulfilling, pleasing and joyful.” Ralph B., Blackburn “After the session I felt calmer, the “chatterings” at night had stopped and I could sleep through the night.  I have settled into the 2012 path of getting physically and spiritually fit.” Caroline F., Tecoma

The Goddess Isis Activation of the Healing Heart can be done in person, as an absent healing, via Skype or phone. CONTACT Michelle to answer any of your questions.
 Goddess Isis Activation of the Healing Heart $150 AUD   currency converter

yes-please-blueOnce we have received advice of your payment, Michelle will be in touch with you via email to arrange a mutually convenient time for your Goddess Isis Activation.

Note: This Goddess Isis Activation of the Healing Heart can be done as a standalone. It is also an Initiation into using the energies of Michelle Mayur’s Goddess Isis Healing of Love™ energy healing system. You may feel absolutely wonderful immediately when you receive the Activation or you may find some minor physical or emotional symptoms for a few days as you slough off that which is no longer needed and which is clearing from your energy field. If you suffer from psychosis or Grand Mal epilepsy, this Goddess Isis Activation may not be suitable for you.

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